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Delpro LLC - Best Independent HHG Carrier i  the USA. HHG Driver Wanted!

What Are We All About?

Delpro LLC is an HHG (Household Goods) Carrier. We provide delivery services of residential and commercial commodities on behalf of moving companies to every point in the continental U.S. We are the HHG delivery service agent of hundreds of moving companies nationwide, and subsequently we’re helping consumers with a competitive alternative to the big franchise market domination.

Many moving companies nationwide are not equipped or have the means to deliver their customers over a certain geographic radius. Some are just overwhelmed by the amount of workload in the peak season and need help delivering their customers in a timely manner.  Those companies may limit their services or turn down long distance business. This is in part the result of a common misconception; in order to sell long distance, one must be an agent for one of the major van lines (e.g. United, Allied, etc.), or posses the equipment and workforce to be able to complete the service. In fact, there are alternatives in the marketplace.

Using an HHG carrier as a delivering agent is a common and legitimate practice in the industry. We are a specialized HHG carrier and serve as a moving company’s extension (e.g. agent). We offer “peace of mind” logistical solutions to the moving industry without the hassle of franchising or the additional equipment/overhead.

Our Mission

We want your business, not just now, but from now on! It’s that simple. We aim to help our clients to grow and prosper their long distance departments. We strive to provide a positive moving experience to customers expecting delivery. We are heading this way through customer appreciation and recognition by using all the tools at our disposal; experience, honest and professional attitude in what we do, and the constant investment in safety, personal and equipment.

Delpro LLC - Best Independent HHG Carrier i  the USA. HHG Driver Wanted!

Why Choose Us?

Over the years, and after delivering tens of thousands customers, we became an established and reputable organization. Our customer pool counts hundreds of moving companies nationwide. Providing delivery services to every point in the continental U.S, we pride ourselves for our intelligent and professional work force, our organizational methods, our payment ethics, and the fast and efficient pace we run our Company. We are ready to provide contact information of many of the companies we work with for reference and referral purposes.

Delpro LLC - Best Independent HHG Carrier i  the USA. HHG Driver Wanted!

Our Team

Our drivers are the face and hands of the company. They are the biggest human factor contributing to the overall experience. As such, we go to extreme efforts to recruit intelligent, hard working, honest and good hearted people. Their profession demands those qualities and they are our biggest source of pride. 

The founders of Delpro are delivering Household Goods commodity since the late 90's. Climbing their way up through all aspects of performing the work; from helpers to foremen, and from drivers to running a company. With over 20 years of hands on experience, we had our fair share of failures and successes. Most importantly, we learned many, many lessons (which we still do). Lessons we apply to our practice. 

Delpro is motivated and guided by high personal and work ethics. We are here for the long run, and it reflects in our decision making process, attitude, and the peace of mind we are striving to give to our clients and their customers.

Delpro LLC - Best Independent HHG Carrier i  the USA. HHG Driver Wanted!
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