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Intelligent & in good shape Class A drivers wanted. Over $15K a month!

Are you a Class A OTR mover? Are you a professional driver without the moving experience?

Are you considering a new company to work with? You are in the right place!

We are a household goods carrier based in Hackensack, NJ. We are actively recruiting quality Class A drivers. Please read below. If you consider yourself a good candidate, don’t hesitate to reach back to us. We are here to answer all your questions and hopefully find our match.

About ourselves and what we do in few words:

We are a specialized HHG (Household Goods) delivery company. We load, haul and deliver shipments on behalf of moving companies nationwide. We have been around since 2004. We are highly reputable and considered one of the most dependable carriers in our industry. Our network of clients and experience keeps us busy year round (including the traditionally slow moving season).

Here’s a scope of what we offer as a company:

  • Competitive pay – The title is not a gimmick or a means to get your attention. Last year our drivers grossed 100K to 150K, depending on home time taken between trips and depending on the driver’s personal capabilities, but with current rates, pay went up 20%.

  • Most professional support – We make sure a trip runs smooth and give immediate solutions to any obstacles that may arise, on the operational or the mechanical aspect.

  • Meticulously maintained equipment – Our equipment varies from new to older, but with no exceptions, all units are clean and safe to operate.

  • Personal attention – being a compact size company allows us to be very personal with our drivers, and to accommodate their immediate needs to the greatest extent

  • Geographical limitation - Since we are a nationwide operation, the distance of the applicant's home to our office in NJ is usually not a factor since we can tailor trips that pass through the applicant's hometown for some off time.

Prospective candidates must possess the following:

  • Class A driver license with little or no violations on record (drivers are subject to insurance approval).

  • Good communication skills and strong sense of logic.

  • Applicant should be in good health and shape, and be willing to work physically (the nature of the work is very physical)

  • Good work and social ethics. We have nothing but good honest people on our team. We want to keep it this way.

  • Good manners, mature character, and SAFETY oriented decision making ability.

  • Ability to be on the road for several weeks at a time.


Having experience in the moving industry is a must. If you don't have any, we’re ready to train the right applicants.

Few more words to help us target the right prospects:

  • We are an equal opportunity business. We don’t care for your race, accent, or background - we are all Americans. All we care is what you can bring to the table.

  • We had good experiences with veterans. The ability to think logically, the ability to work under pressure, being fast on one's feet, all makes a veteran a great candidate. Besides, on a sentimental note, it would be our pleasure to offer our vets an opportunity.

  • Age is a factor; the ideal age is between 25 to 40. If you are over 40, and have a long and recent experience in moving, please call us. If you are over 40 and never had professional moving experience, unless you are in top shape, this may not be suitable for you

If you found the above to be of interest, please contact us via email or call our office at (718)788-2778.

We are located on the East Coast so please keep this in mind when calling from different time zones.


Thank you for your consideration

Delpro’s Recruiting Team

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