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Are you ready for your delivery?

This page's purpose is to help avoid situations that can lead to a non delivery of your shipment, additional cost, and frustration. Every so often we have to drop a shipment in storage due to circumstances that could have been easily avoided. As your moving company’s agent, our mission is your delivery. We believe  a well informed customer is more likely to have a positive experience. This page represent the vast majority of the Moving companies guidelines. If you believe some does not apply to you, perhaps you’re right, but it would be a good idea to cross-check it with your Moving Company.  

What is expected from the Shipper

Our drivers are instructed to call all customers upon departure. The call purpose is to provide and obtain information which is essential to ensure a smooth delivery. The driver will discuss the following:

What to expect from your delivery crew

Our moving crew will unwrap and place your furniture in the desired rooms/location of your choice. The movers will assemble all the furniture the movers at origin took apart. This process will take place with care and respect to your new home and belonging. Nevertheless, please prepare for the following situations:

Should you have any question regarding your delivery we didn’t address here, feel free to call your delivery driver or your moving company to inquire.

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